Lumières, l'étonnante destinée du Séminaire de Québec

July 2013 Discover project
ClientLes Fêtes du 350è anniversaire du Séminaire de Québec

Lumières, l'étonnante destinée du Séminaire de Québec, a dazzling multimedia show was presented as part of the 350th anniversary of the Séminaire de Québec. Immersed somewhere between reality and fiction, the audience was transported into an exhilarating poetic story. Presented outdoors in the heart of the institution, this show was a bold mixture of several multimedia techniques evoking with emotion the great adventure of the Séminaire de Québec. This large-scale projection, which was a resounding success, plunged more than 8000 spectators in a flamboyant epic story in which many special effects accompanied aptly grandiose images offering an intense experience.

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Senior Designer and Art Director: Olivier Dufour. Creativity assistant, co-scripting and research: Elizabeth Cordeau Rancourt, assisted by Eve Sohier Dubois. Visual direction and co-screenwriting: Jose Morin. Post-production: Eric Denis. Original Music: Frédéric Bégin (Studio Apollo). Director of Photography: Francois Gamache. Light designer: Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun and Félix Dagenais, assisted by François Ferland Bilodeau (Atomic 3). Pyrotechnics designer: Benoît Berthelet. Video Production: Studio Element. Studio Element Executive Producer: Jean-François Dugal. Music production and sound environment: Studio Apollo. Apollo Studios Executive Producer: Jean-Pascal Beaudoin. Audio design, video mapping and technical direction: 20k technology integration. Research and architectural design: Régis Côté et associés. Architectural Modeling and Animation: id studio. Specialized equipment: Hugo Bérubé. Production Manager: François Canac-Marquis assisted by Audrey Robert