Meet the makers

We arestorytellers

We create impressions, sensations, and moments designed to spark the imagination and leave a trace. We find inspiration where others see nothing, in the hidden side of things, in everything that, at first glance, seems trivial and useless. We go beyond appearances to build a bridge to the world of imagination, somewhere between the sublime and the impossible.

Our discipline is abstract, our methods unorthodox, and our approach never ordinary.

We arearchitects of emotions

Olivier Dufour is first and foremost a generator of emotions. His creations build bridges to imaginary places, weaving tantalizing tales and crafting unique and astonishing worlds that pull us in and never fail to impress. Scenographically stunning and esthetically refined, his events fuse technology with the performing arts to appeal to our emotions and fuel our dreams.

A perpetual fountain of ideas, Olivier Dufour blurs the boundaries between art forms, drawing inspiration from architecture, photography, dance, theatre, circus, and classical and electronic music. He surrounds himself with talented creators from these different disciplines to push each one of his powerful concepts even further.

This prolific creator and seasoned entrepreneur has designed and produced over 200 events in Quebec and abroad. He holds a particular attachment to his native Quebec City, which remains the focal point for creations recognized around the world, as well as the headquarters of his company, Dufour Maison de Création.

Featured work